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We are committed to the values of comfort, quality, consistency, and reliability. We strive towards meeting and exceeding expectations in each of these areas, and take pride in building lasting relationships with our patients. Creating an exemplary experience begins with the warm and friendly manner in which we treat our patients.
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South Centre Denture Clinic

South Centre Denture Clinic has been committed to producing long lasting dentures using advanced technology and unsurpassed craftsmanship. Without our talented staff, this would not be possible. The development of each new denture from conception to completion involves several steps to ensure a precise fit and feel.

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  • Complete Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Denture Repairs
  • Night Guards
  • Flexible Dentures
  • Soft Denture Liners
  • Implant Supported Dentures
  • Immediate/Surgical Dentures

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If you ever have an issue with your dentures, it's our goal to resolve it to your satisfaction. We have great pride in the superior quality of our products, and we’re confident that you’ll be extremely pleased after wearing them.

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